ICO "REGAIN" The whole picture of regain and how to purchase REG token. The second cloud sale started at 17 o'clock on April 1, 2018.

REGAIN 【ICO】 Preregistration of REG token has finally started.


The second cloud sale is starting from 17 o'clock on April 1, 2018.


It is a project aimed at realizing "REGAIN" "Bit coin market stabilization".

It is an ICO that pioneers of mining machine development push forward with the world's highest standard ASIC technology team.

Bitcoins are cheap in electricity cost and minority based in China with electronic circuit development technology accounts for 60% of the market.

This influential minor deliberately drops the computing power, it takes time to remit the bit coin, or turns the hash power to other currencies and manipulates the price.

The objection to this situation is Dan Affleck (Dan Affleck), CEO of "REGAIN".

It regains the user-led bit coin market and aims to realize a stable market.

That is

1. Biased mining pool

2. Monopolized mining machine

Distributing these two enables stable bit coin operation.


A report spoken by Dan Affleck, CEO at the kick-off meeting meeting of the REGAIN project. The background of REGAIN establishment is detailed in detail.

~ What is REGAIN ~

Project REGAIN Kickoff Meeting 2017 Event Report

Dan Affleck, CEO

The first time I met a bit coin was when I saw a feature article on Bitcoin in the Time magazine (* 1) around April 2011. I read that article and I was instantly drawn into that charm. When I finished reading the article, I felt the feeling that the people all around the world were united (the price of the bit coin at that time was around 1 $).

I like to travel abroad since I was a child, I took a year off from my school days, touched people from various countries as a backpacker, shared a lot of time and learned the world.

I would like you to feel that "the world in which you were born is connected to one" through such time, not only for young people, but also for any age. The feeling of exhilaration, anxiety, puzzle, excitement, good emotion and bad emotion tasted during traveling will surely lead to confidence as they all form oneself.

However, one of the topics raised as a problem between traveling companions encountered in backpackers was that the currency was different in their respective countries.

As us traveling on a low budget, we can not ignore the fee of currency exchange that occurs every time we travel to and from various countries, and at first we do not know how to handle it, so it is funned at the exchange office and you will be given less money Or, it was always difficult to spend money in that country.

If this bit coin becomes familiar to the world as a common currency, it will be easier and more freely to move back and forth between countries, "just to think that it will be possible to get in touch with people from more countries" It seemed to be exciting.

As I knew more about bit coins, I strongly sympathized with the mechanism of non-centralized block chains, and I was convinced that the block chain technology would change the various mechanisms in the world.

In the world, as a cheating act such as concealment and tampering is carried out as usual, as I have witnessed the general people being swayed around the palm of some powerful person, I am using block chain technology By managing information between users, all the fraudulent practices in the world disappeared and I thought that "people who change all people equitably into unfair world".


I sincerely wish for the development of such a block chain, and since I wanted to cooperate even a little, I started mining bit coins by myself.

At that time, it was still made with ordinary PC, and it was easy to start without taking much electricity bill too much, so I went by the side job style.


After that, I became crazy about the charm of the future created by the world of bit coin I began participating in the bit coin community, leaving IBM who was invited by a friend I got acquainted there for 6 years in 2013, I wanted to contribute to the development of bit coins in the future and decided to participate as an open staff of Bitmain Corporation. .

Bitmain is a company that develops and sells mining machines necessary for mining to play the core of bit coins (block chains). Among them, I belonged to the research team of ASIC technology which I was specializing in my previous job, and focused on the development of high-speed mining machine using ASIC technology. Finally, the mining machine using ASIC technology was completed, and I was able to make a big contribution to the development of bit coin.

I wanted to contribute further, I volunteered at Antpool, a subsidiary of Bitmain, a major mining pool since then, and I told my experience.

At that time, only developers interested in the performance of mining machines were few, and there was nothing on the mining pool side that was noticed there.

I thought about how to raise the efficiency of mining in limited funds and environment and proposed a cooling system to reduce power cost and improve the operating environment. It is extremely simple, but its cooling system improved power cost by about 25%, operating efficiency by about 30%, helped by adding machines, and dramatically improved the mining achievement.

At that time, Ghash.IO (* 2) still accounted for most of the hash rate, which was also the time when Antpool entered the top three companies as a result of this.

Ghash.IO (Gee Hash I O) is a bit coin mining pool founded in July 2013, the total value of bit coins mined in the first year seems to be over 2 dollars. After that, it is one of the biggest bit coin mining pools that has continued to contribute more than 30% of the hash rate (mining speed).

Although it is currently closed, since the hash rate exceeded 51% in July 2014, bit coin users were exposed to the threat of 51% attack (* 3).

At that time the agenda was discussed again and again, short-term solutions were not found, but if we sell high-performance mining machines and keep the hash rate evenly a long-term solution I strove to further improve the technology.

A 51% attack is to control 51% (over 50%) of the entire network's hash rate (mining speed) by a malicious group or individual and to conduct illegal transactions. This makes double payment possible, so it is said to be "double payment attack".

For example, if a malicious attacker performs mining at a speed higher than all minor (miners), the illegal transaction (block) performed by the attacker is recognized as "correct", and the legitimate illegal transaction It makes it possible to make monopoly of mining, denying legitimate transactions, and mining.

If the 51% attack became normal, we have also searched for a solution as remittances are suddenly erased, multiple payments occur frequently, and we lose the trust of bit coins.

Just as bit coins attract attention in the world, the demand for mining machines also increased, and when Bitmain's products, which were at the time the highest level, began taking a large share of the mining machine industry, I had a single question I began hugging.

"If we continue to expand on this scale it will not monopolize the market."

To monopolize the mining share is the same as getting great power to expand bit coins.

In other words, other mining pools will also be placed in an environment we can control, which is wholesaling mining machines, so that we become real, centralized and concerned with proof of work (PoW) 51% attacks etc will be possible.


A 51% attack can be an act of damaging the trust of a bit coin, such as not approving a specific transaction or establishing a double payment.

Currently, there is no incentive to do 51% attack, but the situation that this kind of behavior can occur can lead to impairment of bit coin trust.


Initially when I joined Bitmain as an open staff, I talked over the CEO and the future of bit coin overnight, the future created by the CEO's bit coin and the future created by the bit coin that I draw are consistent,

"Bit coins should be fair and free to all users"

As a common goal I believed in the development of bit coin, I trusted the CEO and walked together.


However, the situation at the time was shifting from our ideal that we thought that bit coin must be fair and free to all users, and it was changing to a bit coin market that is not user driven .


That is because Bitmain's mining machine began to be recognized as excellent, and due to the rapidly increasing demand, Bitmain expanded its share of the mining machine industry.

Originally, any mining pool had developed mining machines in-house, but as competitiveness gained, development of mining machines required more sophisticated and specialized skills, mining pool with no technical force I changed to the flow of purchasing mining machines from other companies.


Meanwhile, when Bitmain's mining machines boasting the top technical expertise in the industry began circulating more than 20% of the mining machine industry, changes within the company began to occur.


I was focusing on technological development of hash rate in order to get users to comfortably use bit coins, but from this time I started shifting to mass production of mining machines.

When Bitmain reached 30% of the mining machine industry, I felt that it was far beyond what our drawing depicts, such as adding production factories and setting sales quotas within the company.




すでに市場を独占しつつあるBitmain社は、マイニングマシン業界のシェアを約70%まで拡大し、Antpool社もハッシュレート分布の約20%を確保し、月間マイニング報酬は約11250BTC(49億5,000万円 1BTC=約4,000 1ドル110円換算)も利益を上げています。
ここまで市場を独占してくると、恥ずかしながら私の予想していた通り、ビットコイン市場に大きな影響力を行使し、ビットコインの8月1日問題(※4)にも自身の利益のためにUASF(User-Activated Soft Fork)(※5)に反対し市場に混乱を巻き起こしました。




ただ、ブロックチェーン容量を変えてしまえば、従来のビットコインをそのままでは運用できなくなるため、Segwit(Segrageted witness)と称する仕組みの導入でした。
Segwitでは取引における署名部分をブロックから分離して管理するよう変更、その分を取引記録に割り当ててブロックチェーンの容量を見かけ上、増やします。要するに互換性を維持しつつこれまで以上の取引記録を保管できるようになるため、従来の快適な取引を取り戻せるということです。これをUASF(User-Activated Soft Fork)(※5)といいます。

しかし、ユーザー主導のUASF(User-Activated Soft Fork)に対して、この流れに反対するBitmain社が支持していたのが、ブロックサイズ上限1MBを撤廃して、可変的にブロックサイズを決定していくというBitcoin Unlimitedへ分裂するUAHF(User-Activated Hard Fork)案(※6)。

ユーザー主導のUASF(User-Activated Soft Fork)がアクティベートされるとBitmain社が使用するマイニングマシンのASIC BOOST(アシックブースト)の優位性が保てなくなり既得利権を手放すことになるため、Bitmain社はUAHF(User-Activated Hard Fork)案を発表したとされています。


UASF(User-Activated Soft Fork)とは、「(U)ユーザー・(A)アクティベート・(SF)ソフトフォーク」の略。

UAHF(User-Activated Hard Fork)とは「(U)ユーザー・(A)アクティベート・(HF)ハードフォーク」の略。Bitmain社主導によるビットコインの分裂、Bitcoin Unlimited案の発表のこと。










これは、ちょうど私が起業を考え始めた頃でしたが、「Silicon Valley is coming(シリコンバレーがやってくる)」というフレーズが話題になりました。これは米国の大手金融機関JPモルガン・チェースが、ジェームズ・ダイモンCEO(最高経営責任者)名義で公開した「株主への手紙」の中にある一節です。



※2017/12/13現在「ASIC HARDMiner4.1」16.6TH/sはテスト稼働を終了し開発完了となっていますので、Crowdsale Stage 1から「ASIC HARDMiner4.1」16.6TH/sが販売されます。尚、Crowdsale Stage 4では「ASIC HARDMiner5.1」約18~20TH/sを予定しています。(※2017/12/13更新)




ユーザーへの配当の面から考慮しても他社のクラウドマイニングにおいて、1年~2年で元本が回収できると言われている中、「それでは会社の利益を取りすぎだ」という声が会議では多く上がり、「私たちがユーザーより多くの利益を取るものではない」と、その場の満場一致でユーザー6 会社4の6:4でユーザーへの配当が決定しました。












最後に、これは私の持論になりますが、人生において大切なのは、「自分の中に何か一つ “これが好きだ” と自信をもって語れるものを持つ」ことだと思います。





  • 現在市場で主に出回っているマイニングマシン
  • REGAIN(リゲイン)が独自に開発を行っている「ASIC-HARDMiner3.2」
  • 2018年9月にREGAIN(リゲイン)がリリースを予定している「ASIC-HARDMiner4.1」


  • より高い演算能力を持つマイニングマシンの開発にREGAIN(リゲイン)は成功。
  • REGAIN(リゲイン)は技術的に30TH/sまでのハッシュレートは、現実的に開発可能。
  • マイニング能力は、他社のマイニングマシンと比較しても2倍以上の報酬獲得を期待。





事前スタート : 2017年12月18日 17:00~
クラウドセール第1弾 : 2017年12月22日 17:00~
クラウドセール第2弾 : 2018年4月1日 17:00~
クラウドセール第3弾 : 2018年7月1日 17:00~
クラウドセール第4弾 : 2018年11月1日 17:00~


We issue a unique token called REG token to the investor.

To the REG token owner, 60% of the mining profit received by REGAIN is distributed and can be obtained. In other words, you can earn mining fees on REGAIN's latest mining machine without having to confuse yourself confusingly.

Currently the price of bit coins has fallen to around 1 BTC = 1 million yen, so the dividend per 1 REG is calculated to be around 34000 yen each month. The second purchaser of cloud sale can earn dividends on August 15, 2018.





 How REGAIN (Regain) works


In order to secure the sharing of the mining industry, we are working to develop high-performance mining machinery

Although we have realized our "compensation premium up" and "reduction of electricity cost" efforts,

That alone can not promote the health of the market. Why high performance mini

If we sell machines, major mining pool with capabilities can buy up

Needless to say, capital is small and small-scale mining pool does not benefit, and ultimately

It is because it is forced to close down. Then, after all, it is the original tree Ami.

Therefore, in order to introduce it to all persons fairly, our company is working on mining machinery

Rather than selling the mining remuneration earned on the mining machine to the mining company

We proposed and realized to offer with pool with 50: 50 relationship.

In other words, the mining company and the REGAIN company share the profit obtained from the mining machine in half.


Dan Affleck, CEO's REGAIN project is said to be a hot feeling so I would like to support you. It is abnormal numerical value which can not be considered ordinary though it is more than 10% per month, but I think that it is possible in the virtual currency world. It is enough that the reward is too good for me.



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