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Do you want to acquire bit coins for free but do not know how to do it?
Actually, there are sites that can acquire bit coins with game sensation.
It's easy, so please challenge.
The site to introduce this time is "free bitcoin".
free bitcoin site
As the name says, you can get a bit coin for free.
Here we adjust the roulette once an hour.
Depending on the number you hit, you get a small amount of bit coins.
Register in
Just jump to the site below and just register your email address and password.
Please prepare it for free mail such as Gmail.


Registering is completed by clicking the link at the registered e-mail address.

Try using

It is very easy to rotate roulette, just press "FREE BTC" on the menu bar of login page, check "I am not a robot" and press "ROLL".
You can get a bit coin with the following dividend depending on the number you gave in roulette.

There are not so many bit coins themselves, but in fact there are games on this site and you can increase it by betting the bit coins at hand in the game.

Press "MULTIPLY BTC" on the menu bar to switch to the game screen.
In this game you can play Hi & Lo games with the bit coins you hit.
This is a service to increase coins by doing a gamble game called HighLow. HighLow game is to rule whether the next eye in roulette is higher or lower than the reference value.
The rules are simple,
If you think that the figure will be larger than 5250, click "BET HI".
If you think that a number whose eyes are smaller than 4750 appears, click "BET LOW".
The minimum bet is 0.00000001 BTC and the maximum bet is 20 BTC.
The winning probability is 47.5%, the payout is doubled.

Then it is "EARN BTC". This is "interest" in short. This is a service that gives 4% annual interest (about 0.01% daily) only to those who have coins over 30,000 satati in's account. By choosing "EARN BTC" from the menu at the top of the screen, you can see the amount of interest earned (YOUR TOTAL INTEREST EARNED) and how much you can get with the current number of coins.
Regarding here, since there is no need to perform any operation on the user side, it is a service that allows you to get coins just by leaving it totally unattended.

Another service to earn by leaving is "LOTTERY". Simply introducing it is "lottery". This is a service to do a large lottery every Sunday and present a large number of coins to the winning people. The number of participating in the lottery is the number of "LOTTERY TICKET" collected in the week. You can receive one ticket each time you roll 1500 satoshi with "MULTIPLY BTC" below each time you roll on "Free BTC" above.
If you hit it you can get coins of at least 130,000 shots. But completely lucky, the competition rate is also endless, so I do not feel honest. So, I think that it would be nice to have a happy feeling if I abandoned it as well.

Deposits and withdrawals

It is about payment withdrawal method.
"DEPOSIT" under the menu bar will deposit, "WITHDRAW" will be withdrawn.
Clicking on "DEPOSIT" displays the coin address and QR code of the deposit destination so you can deposit it if you send it to this address.

There are three kinds of withdrawal methods.
1, automatic withdrawal (every Sunday)
2, withdrawing with a cheap commission
3, withdrawing with a high fee
1, About automatic withdrawal every Sunday
Check "AUTO WITHDRAW" on the "AUTO" tab and you are done.
The remaining time until automatic withdrawal is displayed.
However, this will be withdrawal at least 0.0003 BTC or more.
2, withdrawing with a cheap commission
This is the "SLOW" tab.
For the cheap fee, it takes time to withdraw money.
"TRANSACTION FEES" in the middle is a commission.
3, withdrawing with a high fee
This is the "INSTANT" tab.
Withdrawal fee is high, withdrawal is possible immediately.
"TRANSACTION FEES" in the middle is a commission.
Intro charge fee
The following three kinds of rewards are prepared.
Affiliates are also possible from the "REFFER" button, so it is a good thing to be able to get bit coins completely with no risk.
Let's register first and introduce it on Twitter and blog.



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